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Dunhuang Travel Guide

Speaking of things to do and what to see in Dunhuang, here is the Dunhuang Guide providing the best answer. Dunhuang is a small basin city situated at the western end of Hexi Passage in Gansu Province. With the Qilian Mountains to the south, a desert to the west, and the Hexi Passage to the East, the city is abounding with spectacular sights of mountains, rivers, etc. Along with its natural beauty, Dunhuang also served as a western fort and a significant trading post on the Silk Road for the Tang Dynasty. As a result, Dunhuang absorbed the different culture brought by foreign merchants and monks, soldiers, and officials, into a true "melting pot". Amongst the foreigners that came into Dunhuang, the Buddhist monks made the most significant impact. On one side, the monks learned the Chinese language and culture, and subsequently Buddhism communities in the 3rd and 4th centuries. By the 5th century, Dunhuang had transformed into a center of Buddhism on the Silk Road. Dunhuang's unique history has been the current focus of studies by Chinese and foreign scholars alike. In fact, a project known as "Dunhuang Studies" has been launched to trace the unique history of the city.

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