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Dunhuang Tour is so attractive because of the Silk Road passing through it, and as one of China's most important ancient trading posts. History has endowed the city with abundant historical sites and cultural heritage. For centuries Buddhist monks at Dunhuang collected scriptures from the west, and many pilgrims passed through the area, painting murals inside the Mogao Caves or "Caves of a Thousand Buddhas". The magnificent Mogao Grottos will amaze you, as will the beautiful Echoing-sand Dune and the Crescent Lake. As well as the fine views a camel ride will give you a first hand experience of what it was like when caravans plied the Silk Road. This is a truly extraordinary tour that is steeped in historic traditions.

Dunhuang Highlight Day Tour

Dunhuang Essence Tour

Dunhuang Essence TourCode:CT218From:USD180

Tour Features:- Dunhuang 3-Day Tour takes you to explore its essence flavor. Dunhuang, a small city in Gansu Province, is ..

Dunhuang Half-Day Tour

Dunhuang Half-Day TourCode:CT217From:USD45

Tour Features:- Dunhuang half-day tour is available for those who don’t have that much time for this city but still want t..

Dunhuang Highlight Tour

Dunhuang Highlight TourCode:CT215From:USD55

Tour Features:- This Dunhuang One Day Tour is provided to show you the highlights of Dunhuang. Throughout Dunhuangs histor..

Xian Dunhuang Tour

Xian Dunhuang TourCode:CT212From:USD560

Tour Features:- Xian Dunhuang Tour involves the two most featured cities along the ancient Silk Road. Xian, the capital of..

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