Green Project

Hefei, the capital of Anhui Province, located in the central region of China between Yangtze and Huaihe Rivers and near Chaohu Lake. Hefei is well known throughout China as one of the environmental cities with the lush grass and tress. There are many different measures put into action by the government to promote the 'Green' image of the city and make the city full of the color of green. Some of examples of these are: transplanting big trees into the city, planting flowers and plants along the streets and several others. The Green Project, started in Dec. 2001 after the approval of 8 national committees, including the National Economy and Trace Committee, is one of the four green cities in China, and also, the only city in the middle-west of China.
The project, not only carried out in the environmental improvement, but also started in the food for the people. the completed key projects related to landscaping and afforestation are: Hefei Botanical Garden, Hefei Wildlife Field, Xinghua Park, Anhui Hall of Fame (first phase), Peace Square, Municipal Square, Shengli Square, Hui Garden, and some scenic spots at Hupotan (Amber Pond), Hechi Dam, Qingfeng Ge (Gentle Breeze Pavilion) and along the Nanfei RiverThe vegetables, fruits, all kinds of meat are all the items include in the project, which can provide a good and safety daily food for the local people in Hefei. The people in Hefei all welcome this project and enjoy a better life.

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