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Hefei Travel Guide

We are glad to share the ideas for things to do and what to see in Hefei Guide. Situated in the heart of Janghuai, with Chao Lake to the south (one of the five most famous freshwater lakes in China), Hefei is the capital of Anhui Province. Hefei enjoys a subtropical climate, with the annual mean temperature being 15.7oC and a yearly rainfall of 1000mm. Hefei also boosts many historical and scenic sites worth to see, including Bao Gong Temple, and Mingjiao Temple and Town God Temple Fair. Visitors can tour the streets for some local products, such as bamboo handicrafts, famous paintings, and silver fish and sesame pancakes. The city of Hefei is increasingly becoming an industrial powerhouse in China. The main industries in the city are machinery, electronics, chemistry, iron and steel, textiles, foodstuffs, and cigarettes. Along with these industries, Hefei is also a significant railway hub in China; its highway and airway communications are relatively sophisticated and convenient. In terms of agriculture, Hefei mainly produces paddy rice, wheat, cotton, rapeseed, and tobacco.

Hefei Attraction Guide – Things To Do in Hefei

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