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Maybe you will ask: Why tour Hefei? This page of Hefei Tours will tell you its worth. Hefei, is located in central Eastern China, capital of Anhui Province. Surrounded by wooded mountains and tucked away under the shadows of green trees, Hefei is also a garden city with a pleasant environment. Major attractions: the battlefield at Xiaoyaojin, Memorial Temple of Lord Bao, and Chaohu Amusement Park-on-the-Water. Shouxian, a famous historical and cultural city, and the picturesque Chaohu Lake are also in the tourist zone. Also, Hui cuisine is well known for using a lot more wild game than other regional cuisines of China, offering a change from the conventional fare that is available elsewhere.

Hefei Highlight Day Tour

Hefei Highlights Day Tour

Hefei Highlights Day TourCode:CT349From:USD35

Tour Features:- This 1-Day Hefei Tour is suitable for those who want to visit this city but have not much time to spend th..

Hefei Sanhe Ancient Town Tour

Hefei Sanhe Ancient Town TourCode:CT347From:USD55

Tour Features:- Hefei Sanhe Tour is aimed to show you the special side of Hefei with its ancient town view and long histor..

Hefei Mt.Jiuhua Tour

Hefei Mt.Jiuhua TourCode:CT345From:USD205

Tour Features:- This tour combines Hefei city sightseeing and a visit to Jiuhua Mountain. Hefei is the capital of Anhui Pr..

Hefei Mt. Jiuhua Mt.Huangshan Tours

Hefei Mt. Jiuhua Mt.Huangshan ToursCode:CT343From:USD320

Tour Features:- This tour to Huangshan and Jiuhuashan from Hefei must be exciting because it visits two of the most famous..

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