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Jilin Travel Guide

Welcome to check Jilin Guide. Jilin Province is situated in the middle latitudes of the northern hemisphere, at the northernmost section of the temperate zone in China near the Yellow Sea and Sea of Japan. As a result, the province enjoys a generally temperate continental climate. Jilin has cold, long winters; warm, short, and rainy summers; windy springs; and autumns with ever-changing weather. Jilin is also the producer of the worldwide famous Three Northeast China Treasures - ginseng, fur of marten and pilose antler. Other products in Jilin include ganoderma, the tuber of elevated gastrodia, astragali, and pine mushroom, hedgehogs fungus, and frog fat. Speaking of things to do and what to see, Jilin Province has many tourist attractions, mostly reflecting contemporary Chinese history. Amongst them, the most popular worth to see include the former government office of the Japanese puppet state, Manchuko located in the provincial capital of Changchun, the Monument to the Martyrs of the Soviet Red Army, the Automobile Town, and the Changchun Film Studio. Interesting wildlife sites include the Changbai Mountains and Jingyuetan Forest Park.

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