Lee Garden

Liuyuan Garden is one of the most famous gardens in China. It is located in the southwester area of Wuxi City in Jiangsu Province. The Liuyuan Garde is covered by more than 40% water being surrounded by water on three sides and has several different plants and natural structures. The Liuyuan Garde consists of two parts: the original Liyuan Garden and Yuzhuang Garden. The most special scenic spot in Lee Garden is the Long Corridor with 289 meters long, which connects two buildings, the original Lee Garden, and the fishing village.
The Long Corridor is opposed the Four Season Pavilion, where 300 willows and 400 peaches with more than ten species are planted. It presents a beautiful picture when spring is in the season. It is said that Li yuan Garden is like a pearl inlaid on Li Lake and the garden matches the lake very well. Here is some guide information when you travel to Lee Garden. Location: Liyuan Garden, Huanhu Road, Wuxi. Contact number: +86 510 85133343  Opening Hours: 06:30 - 17:30  Admission Fee: CNY 20/Person (Dec.-Mar.), CNY 30/Person (Jun.-Sep.), CNY 40/Person (Apr.-Nov.) 

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