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Wuxi Travel Guide

Wuxi Guide introduces you one of the most elegant cities in southern China. You don’t have to worry about no things to do there. Situated in the center of China's Yangtze Delta in the southern part of Jiangsu Province, Wuxi is a fine tourist city with cultural relics and outstanding views of natural scenery, with Shanghai to the east, Nanjing to the west, and Taihu Lake to the south. There are so many things to see in Wuxi, the most popular include Turtle Head (near Taihu Lake), Yixing's karst caves, and Xu Xiake, which offer breathtaking sights of the Yangtze.The landscape and rivers all contribute to make the city a unique water village in Southern China. In recent years, the Wuxi National Tourist Resort Zone at Mashan has expanded the city's tourist attractions, building such sightseeing and amusement projects as the International Angling Center, the Moon-bay Vacational Village and the Linshan Scenic Spot. The Wuxi Taihu Film & Television City has built the theme parks such as "City of Europe", "City of Tang Dynasty", "City of Three Kingdoms" and "City of Water Margin". If you want to know more about what to see in Wuxi, please check the following Wuxi attraction list.

Wuxi Attraction Guide – Things To Do in Wuxi

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