Lugu Lake

Lugu Lake is positioned between Ninglang County and Yunnan Province, just 303 kilometers away from Lijiang County, covering a total area of 52 square kilometers, with 2,685 meters above sea level. The average depth of Lugu Lake is 45 meters, with the deepest point being 93 meters. The Lugu Lake is also surrounded by five islands: Heiwawudao, Liwubidao, Ligedao (Islands of Penglai) in Sichuan Province and two others in Yunnan Province. The islands are inhabited by Mosuo families, so for visitors, it's an ideal place to experience the local culture as well as admire the beautiful scenery of the lake. In terms of local culture, the people worship the Goddess Gemu and on the 25th of July every year, they gather at the foot of the mountain for sacrificial rites.
Travel around Lugu Lake, you can also visit many cultural sites and scenic spots scattered along the Lugu Lake, which are Mosuo villages, plateau hot springs, and underground maze-the Lucky Cave, the chieftain's Palace, etc. Here is some guide information about Lugu Lake if you have chance to travel Lugu Lake someday: Location: Ninglang county, Yunan province. Admission Fee: CNY78/Person Opening hours: 05:30-18:00 Contact number: +86-10-85968802

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