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ShangriLa Travel Guide

This guide to the mythical site of ShangriLa is rooted in the place that inspired the popular 1930s novel "Lost Horizon". Known as the "sun and moon in heart" in Tibetan, ShangriLa is the capital of Diqing County situated just north of Yunnan Province. The temperature in ShangriLa is vastly different in the south grasslands and north plateau. The south is warm and rainy, with most rainfall occurring between May and September, and warm between June and August. The coldest months are from December to February, where crossing the passes become nearly impossible. The must thing to do in ShangriLa is to visit the 300 year old Songzanlin Monastery, trails through the wide open grasslands and chance encounters with monks and horsemen. Though a lot of the forests have been stripped due to economic modernization, the region still has many areas of virgin forest and a vibrant wildlife that includes yak, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, and amongst rarer species, golden-haired monkey, wild donkey, black-necked crane, pandas, leopards, muskdeer, etc. All the above will offer you many things worth to see in ShangriLa.

ShangriLa Attraction Guide – Things To Do in ShangriLa

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