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Luoyang Travel Guide

Read a Luoyang Guide is necessary for what to see there. Luoyang has a long and colorful past, serving as the capital for nine dynasties. The city also served as an important post along the Silk Road, developing into a bustling economic and cultural center from the Eastern Han Dynasty to the Tang Dynasty. Luoyang's importance in history means that it has significant influence in China's cultural heritage and has many historical sites. There are many cultural and historical relics to see in Luoyang, including the Longmen Cave, the White-Horse Temple, the oldest temple in China, Hanjiacang, Baijuyi Tomb and Erlitou cultural ruins in Yanshi. Luoyang enjoys a temperate climate. In industry, there is machine, metallurgical industry, building materials and petroleum process. The output of tractors, bearing, mineral machines, road roller, silicon and glass is in the important place in China. In agriculture, there is wheat, oil and tobacco, etc. The railway and highway are both convenient.Although the political upheavals in the last century destroyed some of its grand historical heritage, Luoyang still retains many of its significant ancient landmarks which are the main things to do in Luoyang.

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