Ocean Park

Ocean Park Hong Kong is a marine theme park that is a joint project with New Zealand and China. It is one of the largest marine theme parks in the world and is the largest leisure paradise in Southeast Asia. Hong Kong's mild climate and coastal scenery, attracts throngs of travellers annually from all over world. Any travel to Hong Kong should include the world famous Ocean Park.The park covers a total area of 200 acres and built on both sides of the mountain. Presently, the park is also expanding to make an even greater experience for its guests. There is a kid area for families to play games and win stuffed toys and other gifts.
There are also various adult rides in the park, such as roller coasters and log rides. There is also a 72 meter tall tower in the park that guests can ride up and see a magnificent view of the park and the South China Sea. Besides the rides, there is also, of course, several exhibits of marine life and also several shows. Atoll Reef, the most popular attraction at Ocean Park, allows guests to see over 2,000 fish, including 250 different species. The park is also home to Asia's first underwater viewing tunnel that is located in the Shark Aquarium. Here, you can walk right below or next to over 35 species of sharks and rays.

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