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Hongkong Travel Guide

Hong Kong Guide introduces the useful information on things to do and what to see in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is situated in Southern China, just 32km east of the Pearl River and 135 km southeast of Guangdong Province. The city also has a rich tapestry of history. As early as 4,000 years ago, Chinese ancestors settled on the island. During the Tang Dynasty, Hong Kong became an important base for the imperial army. The official languages there are Cantonese and English. The city is broken down into four sections; Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula, the New Territories, and 260 surrounding islands. Hong Kong enjoys a subtropical climate, with reasonable temperatures for half the year, cool, dry winters and humid summers. Hong Kong is a flourishing international metropolis on par with the best cities in the world where you can find many things to see and interesting things to do. It is also a free port for the Far East and an important center of trade in the Asia-Pacific region in general. The city boosts highly sophisticated transportation, including subway, railway, ferries, and modernized airports. Check the following Hong Kong Guide to Attractions for more details.

Hongkong Attraction Guide – Things To Do in Hongkong

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