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Pingyao Travel Guide

Pingyao Guide offers the best solution for things to do and what to see in this ancient town. Pingyao, a tiny ancient city built in the Western Zhou Dynasty, boasts a history of over 2,700 years. There is no charming landscape. No green mountain or clear water. What is unique in Pingyao is the well-preserved ancient city with its grand, solemn city wall, and its residence. The city's original layout is for the most part wholly preserved. Most of the city walls, streets, residence homes, and temples in the city remain undamaged and unchanged. One of the most remarkable aspects of a visit here is realizing that this remote place was immensely important to China's financial history. Pingyao was not endowed with charming natural scenery but with a group of accomplished businessmen. Several old courtyards have been turned into museums, most notably the homes and offices of Pingyao's old tongs, or banks. For most people who travel to Pingyao ancient town, top things to do there is to look for a feeling that is in ancient time. When visiting the Pingyao ancient town during the day, with the ancient style architectures and many other things to see, you may feel that the time stops. But when you go to the bars or eat snacks at night, you can enjoy the modern life again.

Pingyao Attraction Guide – Things To Do in Pingyao

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