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Putuoshan Travel Guide

Putuoshan (Mount Putuo) is situated on an island of only square kilometers, just five kilometers away from Zhoushan Island. Literally meaning "beautiful white flower," the mountain is 291 meters above sea level and can reached by a 1060 step staircase. The island itself boosts caves, tranquil valleys, overhanging cliffs, and beaches. And also, the most delicious seafood in China. Putuoshan has long been considered a holy place of Buddhist worship. Every year, reverent followers migrate to the island to pay respects to Guanyin, Goddess of Mercy. As a result, the island is littered with temples and shrines. For non-believers of Buddhism, Putuoshan Island still offers plenty things to do and spectacular sights of forests and beaches to see for all to enjoy. The sea beaches are a nice place for strolling and listening to the sound of tides that ebb and flow. Putuoshan is not only a sacred place of Buddhism-"Buddhist Land of South Sea," but also an ideal summer resort. As for those beaches, two of the more famous ones are One Hundred Step Beach and One Thousand Step Beach. Both are lovely, but they can be very crowded during the peak season.

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