Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake is not only the largest salt water lake in China but also the largest of all lakes. The Qinghai Lake has a number of attractions that draw travelers in this region in. Ornithologists, campers, hikers, botanists, swimmers, sailors, fishermen, loners and nomads all find areas of interest around the lake. The beauty here lies in its salty vastness and the remote peace that it instills. The most scenic location on the Qinghai Lake is Qinghai Lake Bird Island. This island is on the western side of the lake and attracts many hundreds of species of birds every year. For bird watchers, this is one of the best places in China.
Haixinshan is also another great attraction in the lake area. The water of Qinghai Lake is by no means a single color at different times of day, during different seasons, and when viewed from different angles, its water appear in different colors, light green, blue, green, grey, orange, yellow and white. The colors that can be found around the lake are of purity and contrasts, from the deep yellows of oil seed rape against the cold blues of the lake to the dark greens of distant mountains against the fluffy white of bilious clouds. Qinghai Lake is an ideal travel destination.

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