Ta'er Monastery

The Ta'er Monastery combines both Tibet and Han style architecture on the mountain slopes, covering more than 144 thousand square meters (about 36 acres) with mountains surrounding it. There are several important areas inside the Ta'er Monastery worth visiting: the Great Hall of the Golden Roof - the main hall; Peace Pagoda; the Propitious Pagoda - eight pagodas that represent an event in Sakyamuni's life; and many others. There are also three different styles of art in the monastery: appliques, murals and butter sculptures.
The appliques are made of silk, the murals carves on cloth and the butter sculptures using butter mineral dye. Ta'er Lamasery has played an important role in Chinese Buddhist history and is famous all over East Asia. It the treasure house of Buddhism and is also valuable for studying politics, economics and culture of Ming and Qing Dynasty. Here are some guide information for your travel to Ta’er Monstery, The detail is following: Address: Rushaer Town, Huangzhong County,Qinghai.   Admission Fee: CNY 80/Person Opening hours: 08:00 a.m-17:00 p.m    Contact Hotline: 86 971 2232357

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