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Qinhuangdao Travel Guide

A guide to Qinhuangdao is necessary for you to know things to do and what to see in Qinhuangdao. As an important coastal city as well as one of 10 tourist cities in China, Qinhuangdao is situated in the northeast of Hebei Province, between the Bohai Sea on the south and Mt. Yanshan on the north, and close to Beijing and Tianjin. The city enjoys a relatively mild climate: the springs tend to be dry and windy while being hot and humid in the summers. Ever since 1898, when the Qing government opened up the city to foreigners, Qinhuangdao has been renowned as a tourist resort. The most common things to do in Qinhuangdao is the Great Wall culture, beach holidays, historical surveys, bird-watching, together with local culture tours of Shanhaiguan Great Wall Festival and Jiangnu Temple Fair. During the Qin Dynasty, it has been rumored that the first emperor of China, in which the city was named after, sent officials out to the sea to look for the "immortal" for him. Also, Mao Zedong, the founder of the Communist Party, stood here and wrote the widely acclaimed poem, "Langtousha Beidaihe". Find more things to see in the Qinhuangdao guide for attractions.

Qinhuangdao Attraction Guide – Things To Do in Qinhuangdao

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