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Shenyang Travel Guide

Welcome to read the guide to Shenyang, where you will find out things to do in this city. As the capital of Liaoning Province, it is one of China's most famous industrial cities. Over the years, Shenyang has built up an all inclusive comprehensive industrial system that encompasses the production of metallurgy, light industry and textiles, building materials, electronics, foodstuff etc. The city is also a key point in the distribution of goods in Northeast China, as well as a major communication hub for Liaoning Province. Shenyang has a relative diverse landscape, the west is mainly plains while the northeast and southeast are mainly hilly. It is also praised for its historical significance. In fact, the city currently has 1100 cultural relics. During the Qing Dynasty, the first emperor also moved his capital to Shenyang. Today, visitors can have many historical and cultural sites to see in Shenyang such as the Imperial Palace, Baocheng in Crescent Moon Shape, Shisheng Temple and Liaobin Pagoda etc. This city was also the home to the warlord Zhang Zuolin and his son Zhang Xueliang who ruled over the Northeast during the 1920's. The later 20th century saw Shenyang develop as a major industrial centre. Today the city is rapidly modernising with large scale construction throughout the city.

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