Sun Island

Sun Island Park is located on the big island in Harbin and also on several smaller islands nearby in the Songhua River. The name of the Sun Island came from the Manzhou language. The fisherman of Man ethnic call a kind of Fang fish "Taiyi'an" in the Songhua River. After spread for a long time, it became "the Sun Island" in the contents of "The History of Ch'ing Dynasty". In other words near the Sun Island abounds Fang fish. During the summer and the ice festival there are many different programs and lots of things to travel in the wintertime, the island is packed with snow and is a winter wonderland. The Snow Carving Festival is also located here every year and is an attraction that must be seen if you are lucky enough to be here in the winter months.
There are several sports that people can play, including ice hockey, skating, sledding and others. The scenic area of the Sun Island is composing with 20 scenic spots. Such as the water pavilion and loud sky, youth's family, waterside pavilion, fountain and flying waterfall, Sun Mountain and Lotus Lake, occupying an area of 38 square km.The water pavilion and cloud sky has the character "the park within the park", inside the park there are long corridor, square building, and Sun Lake. Standing on the platform of the building, you can appreciate the landscapes of the island from different angels. Here some guide information about Sun Island, The detail is following: Address: No.1 of Songbeiyilu, Songbei District, Harbin Admission Fee: 40RMB for p.p Opening hours: 08:00 a.m-18:00 p.m Contact Hotline: 86 451 88190240

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