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Harbin Travel Guide

Harbin is a city uniquely blending traditional Chinese customs with various foreign cultures. The city, once considered the backwaters of China is literally growing exponentially - ten years ago, the urban population estimate was one million. Now the population has skyrocketed to more than three million people. Also, Harbin used to be nicknamed "Little Moscow", and though much of the Soviet architecture has been torn down and replaced with modern buildings, the influence of Russia is still evident in the city today. Harbin is full of scenic areas and cultural relics to see. For things to do in Harbin, one can tour the Yuquan Hunting Fields, the Manchurian Tiger Garden, Virgin Forest, Jingpo Lake, and the Wudalianchi Zhalong Natural Protective Region, just to name a few. Also, Harbin is infamously renowned for its sports activities, with the most notable being skiing. For history buffs, Harbin boosts many cultural relics, including the Confucius Temple, Jile Temple, Sophia Church, Central Street adorned with Russian influence, Xiaohong's Former Residence, etc. In the following, we have the guide information on Harbin attractions.

Harbin Attraction Guide – Things To Do in Harbin

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