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Tour to Harbin, once considered the backwaters of China, is a city uniquely blending traditional Chinese customs with various foreign cultures and literally growing exponentially-ten years ago, the urban population estimate was one million. Now the population has skyrocketed to more than three million people. Also, Harbin used to be nicknamed "Little Moscow", and though much of the Soviet architecture has been torn down and replaced with modern buildings, the influence of Russia is still evident in the city today. Harbin is full of scenic areas and cultural relics. For sightseeing, one can tour the Yuquan Hunting Fields, the Manchurian Tiger Garden, Virgin Forest.

Harbin Highlight Day Tour

Harbin Changchun Jilin Tour

Harbin Changchun Jilin TourCode:CT335From:USD220

Tour Features:- Known as the Ice City, Harbin ranks high among tourist destinations in northern China, especially in winte..

Harbin Highlights Day Tour

Harbin Highlights Day TourCode:CT339From:USD55

Tour Features:- Harbin Highlight Tour takes you to the ice capital of China - presents "Harbin Ice and Snow World". During..

Harbin Shenyang Tour

Harbin Shenyang TourCode:CT337From:USD220

Tour Features:- Harbin Shenyang Tour package is an extension trip from the "Snow World" to the "Old Imperial City" for Qin..

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Question:Please advise your rate for Harbin Tour Package (Jan 2010) for 4 persons. They want to see the Harbin Ice Festival. Please suggest itinerary for 4D3N and 5D4N. Please advise when is the Harbin Ice Festival on January 2010. Thank you very much.

Answer:The Opening Ceremony of Harbin Ice Festival will be on 5th, Jan. 2010. Actually, the Snow and Ice park will start on 20th, Dec. 2009. I have made an itinerary for a Harbin Tour as your requirement. Please check.