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Urumqi Travel Guide

From guide books you will find that Urumqi is a special place to visit and has lots of interesting things to do there. Located on the northern slope of Tianshan Mountains, Urumqi is the capital of Xinjiang Autonomous Region and renowned as the city furthest from the ocean. Regarded as the center of politics, economy and culture in Xinjiang, the city spans 12,000 square kilometers and covers seven zones and one county. Although the weather is exceptionally bad in the winter, Urumqi's climate is quite pleasant during the summer, with warm days and cool evenings. With an average elevation of 800 meters, Urumqi City enjoys a continental climate. Due to its position as the northern route of the Silk Road, Urumqi was regarded as a strategic city and was heavily guarded by the Han Dynasty. Though there are few historical sites left in the city, the city's population diversity is a far cry from the general situation in other Chinese cities. In total, there are 43 ethnic groups, including the Han, the Uygur, Kazak, Hui, Mongolia, etc. It is this cultural diversity, combined with the breathtaking scenery will give visitors many things to see in this region of China.

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