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Weihai International Beach Resort

Weihai International Beach Resort is a natural beach with distinguishable four seasons in Weihai Tour. Weihai International Beach Resort is of typical maritime climate with summers being not too hot and winters not so cold. This beach resort enjoys a total area of about 0.1 million squares meters with a coastline of more than 2800 meters. It boasts of fine sand, clean water and gentle sand slopes. Traveling on the beach dotted with various grasses, flowers, stone inscriptions as well as decorated tents, you seem to be ushered in a splendid picture in which you can enjoy at the same time grotesque mountains, gigantic sea water, exuberant forests as well as travelers of various kinds.
Weihai International Beach Resort is really a good place for swimming, recreation and holidays in Weihai Tour. Besides the natural attractions, Weihai International Beach is also fully equipped with various types of water sports and beach activity facilities. Amusement park, restaurants, hotels and emergency rescue team are all available here. So, you will be able to take part in various types of activities when you are here and therefore wonderful vacations as well as unforgettable memories are guaranteed. Here is some guide information for your travel to Weihai International Beach Resort below: Location: Weihai; Opening Hours:24 Hours; Contact number: + 86-10-85968802 Tickets: Free

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