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Weihai Travel Guide

Weihai Guide is a reliable information source for things to do in this small but beautiful city. Located at the eastern tip of Shandong Province, Weihai, a well-known port and tourist city in China, is one of the coastal open cities and the first National Environmental City in China as well as one of the first National Model Cities for Environmental Protection. Weihai covers an area of 5436 square kilometers with a population of 2.47 million. Weihai has the jurisdiction over three county-level cities of Rongcheng, Wendeng, Rushan and one district of Huancui. Listed as one of the 50 economically strong cities in China, Weihai has witnessed a quick development in the past few years in terms of its economy and social undertaking. Weihai exactly lies in the dividing line of the North and the South. With the four seasons distinctively different, Weihai enjoys an agreeable climate. Backed by the mountain and facing the sea, the urban area is endowed with the charming surroundings. The environmental quality indexes such as atmosphere, water and noise have reached or surpassed the national standards, which makes Weihai an ideal place for tourism, summer resort and recuperation. Check more things to see in Weihai in the following attraction list.

Weihai Attraction Guide – Things To Do in Weihai

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