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Xuzhou Travel Guide

Xuzhou Guide tells things to do in the city. Lying in Jiangsu Province, just 300 kilometers away from Nanjing, Xuzhou is situated at the junction of Beijing-Shanghai Railway and Longhai Railway, and thus serves as a vital transportation hub in China. The climate is relatively ideal, an average temperature of 20C. Xuzhou has steadily but surely transformed into a modern city with sophisticated transportation links, including a railway and the international standard Guanyin Airport. The city also boosts some of the most famous historical and cultural sites in China. With a history of an astounding 7,000 years, Xuzhou's relics include Horse-terrace of Xiangyu, Conqueror of the Western Chu Kingdom. Stone Tablet inscribed with"Ode to Great Wind" by Liu Bang, the first Emperor of the Han Dynasty; the Crane-releasing Pavilion, the Swallow Pavilion; and the Great Buddha carved in North Wei and the underground cities of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Though it is not a typical tourist city, Xuzhou also has things to see. Recently unearthed cultural relics include the Han toms, tomb stone engravings, and Jade Garment adorned with silver thread. Also, with Yunlong Hill and Yunlong Lake as its center, the city has a variety of ancient and modern gardens with rich, fertile soil.

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