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Yangshuo Travel Guide

Welcome to check Yangshuo Guide for the top things to do in this ancient town. Yangshuo’s special geography gives it breath-taking beauty while over 1400 years of history bless it with a deep traditional culture. Hence there are so many things to do in Yangshuo. The diverse ethnic minority groups including Hui, Zhuang, Yao and others, enrich it with special folk cultures represented by their various festivals; while many foreign residents add exotic flavors to its fascination. Streets in Yangshuo are well kept in the original style, presenting the simple and primitive atmosphere of the ancient town. West Street is the most exciting one and is the best thing to see in Yangshuo. There are not only many foreign tourists, but also quite a number of foreign residents managing cafs and restaurants. The exotic flavor, combined with the traditional culture, make the West Street world famous. Yangshuo also attracts tourists with its delicious specialty foods, such as Beer Fish, Niang dishes and special snacks including rice noodles and various glutinous rice cakes. The area is characterized by karst limestone peaks that, eroded by the abundant rainfall of the region, take on unique and strange shapes. The scenery along the Lijiang River from Guilin to Yangshuo has long been known as the best scenery in China.

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Question:Me and my familly of 4 will travel to Yangshuo this October. I'll ask for a local travel guide for our 4 days stay and how mush will cost that. We don't want something unusual but leisure ones, because we have seniors over 75. Just Yangshuo cruise and travel around this county. Thanks for your help.

Answer:Hi, we are glad to provide you with a Yangshuo travel package including a professional English-speaking guide. The itinerary can be tailor-made for your family with relaxing paces but all travel highlights. Please check your email for the details and quotation. Welcome to book your Yangshuo travel service with us!