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Yellow Crane Tower

Yellow Crane Tower is a famous historic tower on Sheshan (Snake Hill) in Wuhan, at the bank of Yangtze River, on top of which the tourists can obtain a fine view of the Yangtze River. Yellow Crane Tower is considered as one of the Four Great Towers of China. It has an ancient tower appearance but is built of modern materials and includes an elevator. The Yellow Crane Tower has a very long and complicated history. It was first built in 223, during the Three Kingdoms Period. Due to the ideal location, it was built by Sun Quan (182 - 252, King of Wu) as a watchtower for his army. After hundreds of years, its military function was gradually forgotten and the tower was enjoyed mainly as a picturesque location.
During the Tang Dynasty, many popular poems were written in praise of the Yellow Crane Tower. It was these poems that made the Tower so renowned and induced for people to visit. During the following centuries, it was destroyed and rebuilt several times. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties alone the tower was destroyed seven times and rebuilt seven times. In 1884, it was completely destroyed in a fire and was not rebuilt until 1981. Here's some guide information in your travel of Yellow Crane Tower: Address: No.1 Sheshan, Wuchang City, Shandong Province. Contact number: 0086-27-88877330   Admission Fee:CNY50/Person  Opening Hours: 07:30-17:30

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