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Wuhan Travel Guide

Wuhan general information is offered here in Wuhan Guide. Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province, located at the intersection of Yangtze River and Hanshui River. The rivers divide the city into three sections: Hankou, Hanyang, and Wuchang, better known together as Wuhan's Three Towns. Because of this, Wuhan is known as the "Riverside City" or the "Water City". Wuhan is a subtropical city, which means abundant rainfall and four distinct seasons. The best time to travel there is during the spring and autumn when the climate is quite agreeable and pleasant. Wuhan is one of China's cultural and historical cities as well as a major center for industry, finance, commerce, science and technology, and education. The city boosts a highly sophisticated communication system, including railways, waterways, highways, airlines, and telecommunications. Wuhan is also historically significant as the origin place where the story, "High Mountains and Flowing Water" was birthed and the hometown of the popular "White Cloud and Yellow Crane" legend. You will find many interesting things to do and to see in Wuhan.

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