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Yuan Ming Xin Yuan

Yuan Ming Xin Yuan is 1.4sq km in area and located near the base of Lanpu Dashilin Mountain. The New Yuan Ming Palace is designed as a copy of the Old Summer Palace in Beijing that was destroyed in 1860 by French and British troops. The New Yuan Ming Palace was built as a reminder of the one that burned down. Though the total area is just 1/6 of the original Old Summer Palace, the concentrated historical garden attracts millions of visitors every year. Every evening there is a show at the outdoor theater where thousands of people can watch.
There is also a restaurant in the park where people can sample tastes of imperial Qing Dynasty food. The New Yuanming Palace was praised as the Provincial Patriotism Education Base; and in 2000 it was evaluated as the National AAAA Tourist Area. The bitter history of ancient China has been set up as a patriotism education site. If you want to travel the New Yuanming Palace, you can contact us or you can consult directly through the guide information below: Location: Jiuzhoudadao in Qianshan, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai  Admission Fee: CNY 120/Person  Openging hours: 10:00 a.m-22:00 p.m  Contact Hotline: 86 756 3336061

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