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Zhuhai Travel Guide

Zhuhai guide help you find the best things to do in Zhuhai. With a total area of 1,300 square kilometers, Zhuhai encompasses Xiangzhou and Doumen County. The city is situated in the south west of the Pearl River Delta of Guangdong Province, facing Hong Kong to the east, Macao to the south. Boosting a beautiful natural environment full of mountains, uniquely shaped stone structures, powder right beaches and bays, the city has been celebrates as the "City of a Hundred Islands." Zhuhai belongs to a subtropical climate, and thus enjoys abundant sunshine and rainfall. It is one of China's cleanest and prettiest cities, and received numerous accolades for its excellent ecological development efforts. Zhuhai is definitely best known for its breathtaking scenic spots. With 146 islands dotted in the sea around it, the city has an abundance of recreational activities and sightseeing opportunities. Zhuhai is a burgeoning city and has many new elements which attracts many young people to go there. Perhaps, you may find similar younger there. Listed below are the most popular attractions in Zhuhai, which will give a useful reference for what to see in Zhuhai.

Zhuhai Attraction Guide – Things To Do in Zhuhai

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