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Zhaoxing Travel Guide

Zhaoxing Guide introduce you the unique Zhaoxing Dong Vllage, noted for the biggest ethnic community of Dong deeply hidden in the dense mountains of China. Rested in a valley encircled by mountains, Zhaoxing covers an area of 180sqkm with 800 households and 4000 in population. If you ask what to see in Zhaoxing village, the highlights should be Dong drum towers, flower bridges and tile-roofed fir houses. Without being popularly disturbed by Chinese tourists, Zhaoxing remains harmonious and pristine Dong life. It's one of the most attractive destinations in Southwest China for travelers seeking to witness living minority cultures. Zhaoxing has been included in the Guinness Book of World Records for its pure ethnic culture. The ancient wooden architecture, century-old practices, the hospitable locals and the fertile terraced fields offer a welcome contrast to joyless, cemented modern cities. Maybe that's why Zhaoxing was considered as one of the most attractive and mysterious destinations in Southwest China,lots of travellers visited there in order to witness living minority cultures and primitive lifestyle which will be never seen inside the modern cities. Find more things to do in Zhaoqing in the following attraction list.

Zhaoxing Attraction Guide – Things To Do in Zhaoxing

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