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Dali Tour is to take visitors to enjoy a romantic boat ride in the pristine Erhai Lake, admire the grandeur of the Cangshan Mountains, or catch a glimpse of the Buddhist Temples. Situated in the Bai Autonomous Region, Yunnan Province, at the foot of Cangshan Mountain and the banks of Erhai Lake, Dali is an ancient city, regarded as the "Oriental Switzerland" or "Chinese Geneva". Dali is an ancient city of the Bai Autonomous Region, one of the strongest ethnic minorities in Yunnan. Her name is originated from that of a local regime in history called Kingdom Dali, meaning "a state of great order", aptly named for its marble structures, streets, and wells. Perhaps the greatest aspect of Dali is its splendid scenery. Dali tours, will be sure to leave you a romantic trip in China!

Dali Highlight Day Tour

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