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Jinan Tour is going to show you the wonderful trips to “Spring City”. Jinan, situated on the eastern coast of China, covering a total area of 8,177 square kilometers with 3,257 square kilometers of urban area, is the capital city of Shandong Province and full of spectacular scenic areas. In fact, Jinan is renowned as "Spring City", because of its willows and lotus flowers, which can be seen everywhere in the city. The most popular site is perhaps the Baotu Springs, regarded as the "1st spring in the world". Other sites, such as: Daming Lake, which has been the gathering place for celebrities throughout history, Qianfo Mountain, and Longshan Culture, reputed as one of the three oldest Chinese cultures ever.

Jinan Highlight Day Tour

Jinan Highlight Day Tour

Jinan Highlight Day TourCode:CT379From:USD40

Tour Features:- Jinan Day Tour brings you to the "City of Spring" with a number of natural springs amid picturesque scener..

Jinan Essence Tour

Jinan Essence TourCode:CT377From:USD150

Tour Features:- In this 3 days Jinan tour you will experience the most beautiful scenery of the city and explore its essen..

Jinan Qufu Mt.Tai Tour

Jinan Qufu Mt.Tai TourCode:CT375From:USD280

Tour Features:- Jinan Qufu Mt.Tai Tour is a trip to show you the culture of Shangdong Province. You will start from the ca..

Shangdong Panorama Tour

Shangdong Panorama TourCode:CT373From:USD750

Tour Features:- This 8 Day Tour package of Shandong covers the the most famous spots in this area and will show you the be..

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