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Welcome to the page for Jiuquan Tour. Jiuquan, a major stop on the Silk Road, is an ancient town embedded with Chinese history. From the 2nd Century B.C., the Western Han Dynasty dispatched officers to develop the region. Soon thereafter, Jiuquan became a hustle and bustle center along the Silk Road. The city's drum tower, another symbol of China's vast history, used to be known as "Night Watchman's Tower". It is the only remaining structure left in which Marco Polo praised in his writings. A few miles away from the city is the Jiayuguan Pass, the western end of the Great Wall. The walls were originally constructed by the Han and perfected by the Ming Dynasty before they abandoned it.

Jiuquan Highlight Day Tour

Jiuquan 3-Day Exploration Tour

Jiuquan 3-Day Exploration TourCode:CT388From:USD340

Tour Features:- This tour takes you to explore Jiuquan, known in popular legend as the place where rhubarb was first grown..

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