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Jiuzhaigou Tour is designed to lead you to the fairyland on the earth. Jiuzhaigou, a marvelous place full of picturesque scenery of green lakes, waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, forests and wild animal and plant reserves, located in the north of Sichuan Province. Jiuzhaigou literally means "Nine Village Valley" in Chinese. Jiuzhaigou covers a total area of 280 square miles, endowed with snow-capped mountains, layered waterfalls, pristine lakes, and lush forests, with elevation ranging from 6,000 to 16,000 feet. Listed as World Cultural Heritage in 1992, Jiuzhaigou is well known for its beautiful water - multi-level waterfalls and colorful lakes. Today, Jiuzhaigou has become one of the most popular tourist destination in China welcoming you to explore!

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Jiuzhaigou Huanglong 3 Days Tour

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Tour Features:- Jiuzhaigou Huanglong Tour is offered here for you to enjoy the beautiful scenery of this fairy land. Jiuzh..

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Question:We are staying for 3 nights in Jiuzhaigou starting from the 24th April. We would also like a day tour to Huanglong which I was told is a long way from Jiuzhaigou. Unfortunately, we did not know of your company's tour before, otherwise the three days tour on your web page can be quite appealing. For this time, can you quote airport transfer and one day tour to Hunglon separately please.

Answer:We are glad to arrange this Jiuzhaigou tour for you. When you refer the airport, do you mean the Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, or the Jiuhuang Airport in Jiuzhaigou? For the airport transfer and one day Huanglong (Jiuzhaigou) Tour, welcome to view our webpage for reference first. As soon as we receive your reply, we will make a customized itinerary for you and give a reasonable quotation.