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Kunming Tour package provides you the trip to this beautiful city with ever-lasting spring. Kunming is renowned as the 'City of Eternal Spring' due to its year-round mild and pleasant spring-like climate. The city was the important caravan stop of the famous "Tea and Horse Trail". Charming weather and many colorful ethnic minorities have attracted many people from home and abroad to visit it. It is a famous tourism city in China. Thanks to the temperate climate, there are various kinds of plants and blossoming flowers everywhere. Besides, the famous Stone Forest, known as the World Karst Landscape Museum, has various stones with unique shapes, which is marveled at by tourists all over the world.

Kunming Highlight Day Tour

8-Day Yunnan Discovery Tour

8-Day Yunnan Discovery TourCode:CT429From:USD1000

Tour Features:- This Yunnan tour will lead you to the stunning snowcapped mountain, spectacular karst topography, ancient ..

Yunnan Kunming 4 Days

Yunnan Kunming 4 DaysCode:CT428From:USD210

Tour Features:- Yunnan Kunming Tour takes you to visit the "City of Eternal Spring". It will leave you with memories to la..

Kunming Select Tour

Kunming Select TourCode:CT427From:USD125

Tour Features:- Kunming 3 Day Tour package includes visits to Yunnan Stone Forest and Dragon Gate and Golden Temple. The j..

6-Day Colorful Yunnan Tour

6-Day Colorful Yunnan TourCode:CT424From:USD550

Tour Features:- This tour will lead you to Kunming, Lijiang and Dali - the most beautiful cities in Yunnan Province. Yunna..

Kunming Day Tour

Kunming Day TourCode:CT422From:USD45

Tour Features:- Kunming One Day Tour is sure to show you the highlight of this city - Stone Forest. Kunming, known as "Spr..

China Tour Packages Including Kunming

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