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Want a tour to Rice Terrace? Longsheng Tours will be your right answer. Longsheng is situated on the north of Guilin. It is an area where the entire mountain range is covered with terraced rice fields. The famous attraction of Longsheng is definitely the Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces (longji titian). Covering a total area of 66 square kilometers, it was first constructed during the Yuan Dynasty and finally completed in the Qing Dynasty. The Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces was honored as the best 20 scenic spots in Guangxi. Longsheng is also known for its embrace of various ethnic customs. While there, visitors can enjoy the pole-dancing of the Zhuang.

Longsheng Highlight Day Tour

One Day Tour of Longsheng Terraces

One Day Tour of Longsheng Terraces Code:CT476From:USD50

Tour Features:- This One Day Tour to Longsheng County will show a place that boasts fantastic natural scenery with spirali..

Longsheng Terraces 4-Day Tour

Longsheng Terraces 4-Day Tour Code:CT475From:USD320

Tour Features:- This Tour package explores the beautiful scenery along the fabulous Li River as well as the best of Guilin..

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