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Qingdao Tour is a great experience to the coastal city in northern China. Qingdao, one of the country's largest industrial centers and port cities, with a total area of 10,654 square kilometers and a population of 6.73 millions, located in southeast of Shandong Province. The landscape is split between mountains and hills on one hand, and fertile plains on the other. The city enjoys a mild maritime climate with an average temperature of 12 degrees Celsius and 209 frost-free days. Qingdao's ideal location makes it an important trading port city. Ships carrying up to 10,000 tons can load and unload on the harbors; all transportation facilities are highly sophisticated and convenient.

Qingdao Highlight Day Tour

Qingdao 3-Day Package Tour

Qingdao 3-Day Package TourCode:CT555From:USD135

Tour Features:- This 3-Day Tour of Qingdao will lead you to discover its potential beauty. Qingdao is a famous and importa..

Qingdao City Day Tour

Qingdao City Day TourCode:CT554From:USD55

Tour Features:- This Qingdao tour including abundance of natural scenic spots and popular places of interest. Qingdao is w..

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Question:We are 4 people arriving Quingdao by ship (Diamond princess) 2 May 2010. We would like a one day tour. I am a travel agent in New York USA.

Answer:We have very rich experience in operating tours from the cruise to the city sightseeings. Based on our rich experience and our branch offices set in Qingdao, we truly believe that we can make a perfect tour service for you. Since you are travel agent, we can give you a very competative price as a good start for our future cooperation.