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Here you can find the pre-designed itinerary for Shenzhen Tours. Shenzhen, as an important coastal city in China, located in the southern point of Guangdong Province and bordered by Dongguan and Huizhou in the north. The Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, which is a narrow strip of land starts from Beizaijiao in the east and ends at Anle Village in the west. The city enjoys a subtropical climate, with an average temperature of 22.4 degrees Celsius. The city experiences long summers, short winters, and rainfall occurring between May and September. Shenzhen also boosts 5 art troupes, 5 public libraries and 1 museum. Shenzhen tours are aimed to let you know more about this coast city.

Shenzhen Highlight Day Tour

Shenzhen 1-Day Highlight Tour

Shenzhen 1-Day Highlight TourCode:CT669From:USD60

Tour Features:- Shenzhen Day Tour is provided for tourists to enjoy this city’s highlights. The Shenzhen Special Economic ..

Shenzhen Leisure Tour

Shenzhen Leisure TourCode:CT667From:USD140

Tour Features:- Shenzhen Leisure Tour takes you to visit this city’s most famous sites in a relaxing pace and makes you fe..

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Question:I would like to know the availability for 1-Day Shenzhen Highlights Tour of the China Folk Culture Village-the Splendid China on 16th February, 2010. I have 13 persons here, please quote me the best price&email me the full itinerary/time table as well.Thanks

Answer:Hello, this Shenzhen tour is available during your desired dates. I have made an tour itinerary and give the quotation on base of your 13 persons. Please check it in your mail.