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Shijiazhuang Tour is getting popular because its short distance from Beijing and important location in railway transportation. Shijiazhuang, with 114 towns, 108 villages, and 43 sub-districts, regarded as the "Nation Capital's Suburbs" in ancient times. It enjoys highly sophisticated transportation links, and is sometimes called the "gate from south to north and the throat from Hebei to Shanxi". The major industries of Shijiazhuang are light industries, most notably chemicals and engineering, cotton, yarn, pharmaceutical products, and petroleum. Referring to agriculture, the city's well-known products are wheat, corn, cotton, meat, and fruits.

Shijiazhuang Highlight Day Tour

Shijiazhuang Highlight Day Tour

Shijiazhuang Highlight Day TourCode:From:USD80

Tour Features:- Shijiazhuang Day Tour is the best choice for the city sightseeing. Located in the central south of Hebei P..

Shijiazhuang Baoding Day Tour

Shijiazhuang Baoding Day TourCode:From:USD220

Tour Features:- This tour will star from Beijing and take you to visit Shijiazhuang and Baoding, two famous cities in Hebe..

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