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Yichang, located in the center of China and Yangtze River, 289 kilometers from Wuhan, boosts a subtropical climate with just the right amount of sunshine and rainfall. With over 2200 years of history, it is a hydropower base and a well-known tourist destination. Yichang's natural scenery is truly something to marvel at. Because of its position on the Yangtze River, visitors can see Three Gorges Dam, the green hills and enjoy the fresh air there. The city enjoys over 600 tourist destinations, 3 of which listed as world level and other 30 listed as nation level...

Yichang Highlight Day Tour

Yichang Cruise One Day Tour

Yichang Cruise One Day TourCode:CT810From:USD60

Tour Features:- Yichang Cruise One Day Tour has two routes, upstream and down stream for your option. Yichang is located a..

Yichang Jinzhou Wuhan 3Days Tour

Yichang Jinzhou Wuhan 3Days TourCode:CT809From:USD265

Tour Features:- This tour visits three cultural and historic cities in Hubei Province - Yichang, Jingzhou and Wuhan. Feast..

Yichang Three Gorges Dam Day Tour

Yichang Three Gorges Dam Day TourCode:CT808From:USD60

Tour Features:- Yichang Three Gorges Dam Day Tour takes you to visit one of the most grand project in China, along the pic..

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