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Zhengzhou Tours take you to the capital of Henan province, is one of the cradles of Chinese civilization, the home of Shaolin Kung Fu. As an important political, economic, and cultural center in China, Zhengzhou is the capital city of Henan Province. Located in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River, occupying a total of 5 cities, 1 county and 6 districts, it is one of the oldest cities in China with a history retrospected to the slave society during the Shang Dynasty. Zhengzhou is also the most important hub in China's railway system. As an industrial city, it provides access to many popular destinations around the area. The famous Shaolin Temple near this city is the cradle of the Chinese martial arts that provided the inspiration for Kung Fu movies.

Zhengzhou Highlight Day Tour

Extension Tour to Luoyang

Extension Tour to LuoyangCode:CT856From:USD190

Tour Features:- This extension tour is a side trip from Zhengzhou to Luoyang. Luoyang, an ancient capital of thirteen dyna..

Zhengzhou Highlight Day Tour

Zhengzhou Highlight Day TourCode:CT850From:USD50

Tour Features:- Zhengzhou Day Tour is designed for you to explore this city’s highlights. Zhengzhou is the capital city of..

Extension Shaolin Temple Day Tour

Extension Shaolin Temple Day TourCode:CT848From:USD70

Tour Features:- Shaolin Temple Day Tour take you to visit the most famous site in Luoyang, Henan Province. Luoyang, an anc..

Zhengzhou Luoyang Tour

Zhengzhou Luoyang TourCode:CT845From:USD240

Tour Features:- Luoyang Zhengzhou Tour is a side trip from Luoyang to Zhengzhou. Zhengzhou is the capital city of Henan Pr..

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