Bai Minority

The Bai ethnic minority, with a total population of around1.4 million people in China, live in tight knit communities with the majority living in the Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture. The rest is scattered among several other cities, including Lijiang, Kunming, Lanping and Yuanjiang. The ancestors of the Bai people were called ' Dianbo' and Sou' in the Qing Dynasty. The Bai people have been very close to the Han and Yi ethnicities since ancient times. Sometime after the Nanzhao  Kingdom and during the Dali Kingdom, the Bais of the different areas became one ethnicity speaking a common language and culture. With regards to how they live, their houses are all unique and they believe white is a noble color and wear mostly white clothes. The men will usually wear white coats with black vests.
The Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture Museum is near the Erhai Dock, located in the east of Erhai South Road in Xiaguan Town of Dali City, It is really a garden Museum with strong local ethnic minority's characteristics. It combines ancient Dali architectural styles and Bai architectural styles. The museum is also the central institution where the government of Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture conducts cultural relic research, excavations, collecting, exhibiting and so on. There are several major festivals for the Bai people, with the biggest ones being the Torch Festival. Visitors who come to visit them or the places they live can join the celebration with them. Travel of Bai minority is a very important part in your visit to the southern part of China.

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