Foreigner Street

Foreigner street also named Huguo Street (means protect the country in Chinese), is located in Dali Ancient City. The meaning of the old name came from the historical event when the Yunnan people fought against Yuan Shikai in an uprising. Starting from Tibetan-Yunnan road from the west side, crisscrossing with Bo Ai Street and Fuxin Street, the street is 1,000 meters long from east end to the west and seven meters wide, paved with dark gray slates. With the development of the city's travel industry, the street has developed into a tourism center for visitors to stay, eat and do shopping. On the two sides of the streets, one can find many restaurants of Chinese or Western food, famous tea houses, jewelry shops, antique shops, tie-dyeing cloth shops, galleries and so on.
Nowadays it has become the Dali Foreign Tourist Street famous home and abroad. Foreigners can easily find this nice place on their maps in foreign languages version. Over forty thousand foreign tourists come to Dali every year. They usually lodge in Dali Foreign Tourist Street, now even expanding their activities to Bo AI Street, Fuxin Street, Dali Ancient City, and other travel interesting spots in the whole prefecture. By this fact, we know that Dali Foreign Tourist Street is famous around the world. It becomes a place longing to be visited by foreign tourists, a sweet home on their journey in China. Guide information: Admission Fee: free

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