Butterfly Spring

The Butterfly Spring is located in the green trees at the foot of Yunnong Peak of Cangshan Mountain, about 24 kilometers away from the Ancient City of Dali. The reason why this is called butterfly spring is due to the plethora of butterflies that can be found there. The two big Silktree Albizzias by the spring give off a faint fragrant scent which attracts thousands of butterflies to fly here from all directions and flutter all around the Butterfly Spring. It is a square spring pond, the water in which is clear like a mirror. Around the pond stands marble baluster with the Chinese name of Butterfly Spring on it inscribed by the famous Chinese contemporary intellectual Guo Moruo. There the dense crown of two strong bent Silktree Albizzias covering above the spring which is about a hundred years old.
There is a local festival on April 15th of the lunar calendar called ' Butterfly Meet' where people gather to look at all the butterflies at a time when they all feed and mate and sing their traditional mating song. Another name for this festival is called ' Alliegiance Spring' due to the fact that here, true love can be found. You can reach the Butterfly Spring by special cars that run from the bus stations and hotels in the city. The spring is quite near to Zhou Town, which is the largest of the Bai communities and was once the imperial garden of the Dali. Here's some guide information of Butterfly Spring: Address: Butterfly Spring Park, Dali county, Yunnan Province. Contact number: 0086-872-2431125 Admission Fee: CNY60 Opening Hours: 08:00 to 19:00

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