Bangchui Island

Bangchuidao Island Scenic Area lies about 5 kilometers east of downtown Dalian. Since the ginseng-shaped island looks like a Bangchui, a wooden baton used by ancient Chinese as a washing tool, hence the name. Bangchui Island Scenic Spot is surrounded by a perfect atmosphere of ocean, beach, trees and mountains and became an important site during the 1950s and 1960s when important meetings of the Chinese government were held. Because of this, there are many fabulous hotels that visitors are able to stay at while visiting this scenic spot. The tiny islet covers only 0.3 square kilometers, it features craggy stones, steep cliffs, blossoming flowers and singing birds.  From here, visitors can also enjoy the beautiful view of San Sahn Island, a famous place for catching crabs, sea slugs and conch.
The Bangchui Island is a small island with one square kilometer island that is similar in shape stick. Three sides are surrounded by mountains, with the greens fluctuated in height and close by to the sea, with the sea set against the mountain color. The mountain and the sea rest on one another, the seashore sandy beach is clean and flat. It has the graceful quiet seashore bathing place, the golf course, the tennis hall, the health center and so on, which attracts guests come to visit. It is a famous scenic spot for welcoming both domestic and international important guests. How to travel in Bangchui Island Scenic Area: Address: Bangchui Island Scenic Area , Dalian Admission Fee: 20RMB for p.p Opening hours: Whole Day Contact Hotline: 86 411 82893888

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