Binhai Road

Binhai Road is one of the premier tourist attractions in Dalian city. The uniqueness of Binhai Road lies in the fact that it boasts of the rare blend of mountain and the sea. Binhai Road covers an area of 35 km bordering Xing Hai Square in the west and Dong Hai Park in the east. It is a road stretches along the coastline of Dalian for more than 42 kilometers. Driving along the road offers spectacular views at different points. People can see steep cliffs, a variety of plants and trees and also the ocean and beaches. There are several major scenic spots worth seeing and several major beaches, such as: the Star Sea Park, the Polar Aquarium, the Show in Grand Red Mill Theatre, Oriana Liner, Sunasia Ocean World, etc. and all of these can be directly reached from Binhai Road.
In the past, the Binhai Road is used only as a military pass. Now, it becomes a tourism zone and most of the area without any public transportation, since there isn't any resident there. However, guests can take the bus to get some of the sites there and enjoy the view of along the road. This Road will be guide to all of best attractions in Dalian. Binhai Road thus emerges as the jewel in the crown of Dalian, over the years it has developed into an avant-garde tourist destination, attracting large number of tourists from all over the world. Therefore if you are planning to visit Dalian, then make it a point to visit Binhai Road as your trip to the city will be incomplete without a tour of the place.

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