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Dalian Travel Guide

Dalian is situated on the eastern bank of Eurasian Continent and southernmost point of Liaodong Peninsula in the northeastern part of China. Dalian's ideal location makes the city a water gateway for northeast China and Inner Mongolia. Dalian is comprised of a series of bays and islands; people have estimated that the city has as many as 705 islands of different sizes, covering a total area of 30,000 hectares. More importantly, Dalian is sheltered from the winds and waves of the sea, allowing the city to have a mild climate all year round. Dalian's greatest feature is its stunningly beautiful natural scenery with so many things to do. Abounding with lush gardens, circuses, magnificent architecture, beaches and summer resorts, the city is as close to paradise as you are going to get. Amongst the top things to see in Dalian, the most popular are Bangchui Island, Tiger Beach, Fujia Village, Lushunkou, Taiyanggou, and Baiyu Mountain. There is also the Golden Pebble Beach Holiday Resort, where one can get a glimpse of the unique "turtle-shell" rocks. Below is the detailed Dalian Guide to attractions for your information.

Dalian Attraction Guide – Things To Do in Dalian

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