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Dalian Tours are so appealing because it provides a good spot for summer vacation on the north China in summer time. Dalian, located on the eastern bank of the Eurasian Continent, the southernmost point of Liaodong Peninsula and the northeastern part of China, is surrounded by the Yellow Sea on the east and the Bohai Sea on the west. Dalian's ideal location makes the city a water gateway for northeast China and Inner Mongolia. Dalian is comprised of a series of bays and islands. People have estimated that the city has as many as 705 islands of different sizes, covering a total area of 30,000 hectares. Enjoy the beautiful sunshine and view the green plantations connected with the blue sea, deeply relax yourself.

Dalian Highlight Day Tour

Dalian One-Day Highlight Tour

Dalian One-Day Highlight TourCode:CT189From:USD45

Tour Features:- This tour will combine highlights of Dalian with the leisure on beach. One of the most vibrant cities in C..

Dalian Beach Leisure Tour

Dalian Beach Leisure TourCode:CT188From:USD220

Tour Features:- This tour package in Dalian will offer you a great fun! Originally established by Russia, then later occup..

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